We currently have a series of tools on our devices, which we must access with a username and password combination. In some cases, handling so much security information can become a headache, but to avoid this inconvenience we can have a password manager.

What are the advantages of having a password manager?

A password manager can offer you a series of advantages, such as:

Having a password manager can make your life easier and give you the security you need in cyberspace. Here are the best paid and free password manager for 2021.

1) 1Password

It is an ideal online password manager to be used by a group of users. It offers simplicity and security, as well as a high-quality support system.

1Password is one of the paid key managers, but it offers very affordable rates, and the security provided by its features is worth it.

Additionally, it has the autocomplete function for mobile devices and PC, a support forum available 24 hours a day every day, AES-256 encryption for your data, a master password and secret key, and its Watchtower function alerts you to any risks present on the websites you visit.

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2) Google Password Manager

This is the Google Chrome password manager, so you can manage your Google data without requiring an external tool.

The Google password manager allows you to maintain a unique password for each of your accounts and makes it easier for you to register within the Google world.

In addition, this is a free password manager capable of automatically detecting the registration pages and completing a unique password. All the passwords it generate are secure and cover the requirements of the page in question.

Automatically save the keys in your account, and monitor the Dark Web for greater security of your data. It also incorporates multi-factor authentication and offers secure storage for your documents. All your keys will be safe and encrypted.

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3) Bitwarden

It is a password manager with end-to-end data encryption. It is low-cost, open source, but a bit difficult to use.

Bitwarden gives you a high level of security, high privacy and reliability. It uses 256-bit AES encryption, provides 2FA via Authy and Google Authenticator, and has local data storage.

Additionally, it provides you with a repertoire of passwords online, so you can access your passwords from any device.

You can opt for the Bitwarden Free, Bitwarden Premium or Bitwarden Families plan.

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4) Dashlane

Dashlane offers very good features with inviolable security, easy to use and very friendly prices. By many it is considered the best password manager today.

It has a high-quality free version; but its paid versions offer options such as priority support and synchronization of various devices, which make them very attractive.

Among the most prominent features of Dashlane are password storage and autofill, immediate key generation, an easy-to-use user interface, use of Secure Notes for encryption of personal data and attachments, dark web monitoring and notification about the exposure of your data.

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5) Enpass

Enpass is a cross-platform password manager. It allows you to safely store your passwords and other data with a master password.

Its desktop version is very good, and it has a configurable password generator that allows you to protect passwords, and financial information, among others.

This password manager stores data locally on your device for greater security. Includes key autocompletion feature. It also syncs data from Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, WebDAV, or a folder on your device.

It gives you the option to remove weak, duplicate or old passwords. In addition, it is compatible with smart watches, and you can synchronize it with browsers through extensions.

It offers a free version that can store up to 25 passwords and an attractive one-time subscription for their premium version.

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6) Norton Password Manager

It is a cloud-based password manager. Norton Password Manager allows you to securely manage your passwords to access your favorite sites easily.

This password keeper incorporates a new password generator, to create unique and secure keys. It also reliably stores your passwords and data in an encrypted vault that only you can access.

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These are the best paid and free password manager that you can use for a reliable and secure management of your passwords and data in 2021. Analyze each one and select the one that best suits your requirements.

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