How to Choose the Best Blog Topics Idea to Write About

Picking the best blog topic idea can be easier than you think. In this article, I’ll show you how you can easily find the best blog topics idea using a blog topic generator.

P.S. Technically the tool I’ll be using is not a typical blog topic generator but more of a SEO tool.

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What Makes it a Good Blog Topic?

When it comes to a good blog topic, it should be a topic that many people are searching for on Google. We’re not saying like 100 people searched for this topic last month, but at least a thousand. The more people searching for that particular topic the better the blog topic is. Or else, it does not make sense to spend at least 2 - 4 hours of your time writing a topic that nobody is and will be searching for, right?

Things to Avoid When Choosing Blog Topics

Also, here are some of the mistakes that I’ve made when picking my next blog topics which caused me to waste quite some time and effort. So, I’m sharing it as well to hope that you would not make the same mistake as what I did in the past.

#1 Starting a Blog Topic without doing Proper Research

Sometimes, you may feel that you should be writing a certain topic because you feel that readers are going to love what you’re about to write. That’s what I did when I first started out, I published several blog posts without doing any keyword research and thinking that these additional blog posts are going to give me more impression and organic traffic.

If you’re lucky, that would happen. Unfortunately, most of the time, you’ll see no result after spending all the efforts creating the content because there may be absolutely no search volume for the keyword you’re targeting all the while.

#2 Writing Blog Topics that are Not Relevant to your Target Audience

You may have a topic that is very attractive but it’s not relevant to your blog and your audience. Should you still write on that topic?

It depends but personally, my answer is a BIG NO.

Think about what is your motive for writing blog posts in the first place. What type of people are you trying to attract to your website? Is this topic beneficial to the people you’re trying to attract to your website?

How to Choose the Best Blog Topic Ideas

Ready to get started? Follow this 3 simple steps and you'll be able to get endless blog topics that can drive you more organic traffic.

Step 1: List down related keywords for your blog

List down whatever you can think of as long it is under the following categories:- personal finance, self-improvement, social media, parenting, news, business, and gadgets. The reason to ensure your blog post is under the following categories is because these are some of the proven niches and it is easier to grow your organic traffic.

Let’s say finance, the related keywords could be mutual funds, investing, money management, insurance, fundamental analysis, and more. Write down as many you can think of.

I would challenge you to list down at least 20 keywords before proceeding to the next step.

Done? Awesome!

Step 2: Analyze the Search Volume for these Keywords

Here comes the fun part, you can now start analyzing the keywords you’ve listed down to see which is worth your time and effort. Visit Ubersuggest and type in one of the keywords that you’ve listed down, then press “Enter”

Let’s say “money management”.

Keyword Analysis

From here, you can see 2 metrics, one Search Volume and the other SEO Difficulty.

Search Volume represents the number of times this particular keyword has been searched in a month. Therefore, the higher the search volume, the more attractive it is for us.

SEO Difficulty represents the level of difficulty it is to rank for the particular keyword. Therefore, the higher it is, the harder it will be to get more organic traffic from these keywords.

Also, the higher the search volume, the SEO difficulty will be higher as well. So if you’re able to find a keyword with a tremendous amount of search volume, like 100K per month with a very low SEO difficulty. Then, you’re extremely lucky.

What you’re going to do now is to create a sheet to compare the search volume & SEO Difficulty for all these 20 keywords. Once done, you can now have a better idea on which keyword you should be putting your focus on.

Blog Topic Generator

After doing my simple comparison, it seems that the keyword “stock market” is the most attractive keyword compared with the other 4 keywords. So, I’ll be taking the keyword “stock market” and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Look for Questions People are Asking

Ready to be amazed? Scroll down to the section “Keyword Ideas” and click on “Questions”

How to Choose Best Blog Topic Based on These Factor

From here, you can see all the questions people are asking which is related to “stock market”

  • When stock market open (Search volume: 5,400)
  • Will stock market recover (Search volume: 5,400)
  • How stock market works (Search volume: 5,400)
  • Will stock market crash (Search volume: 4,400)
  • Why stock market is going up (Search volume: 4,400)

Basically after looking at these results, you probably already got yourself the best blog topic ideas you can ever find. Also, when you click on the “view all keyword ideas”, it’ll show you all the questions people search that are related to the stock market.

After today, I also believe that you’ll now never run out of best blog topic ideas. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to think about what blog topic you should be writing and you also don’t have to worry that the topic you’re writing does not have enough search volume, giving you a higher chance of succeeding in your new blog post.

Other Blog Topic Generator

If you’re looking for another blog topic generator instead of the one I use for the explanation, here are some other SEO tools which are more advanced that you can use to generate blog topics exactly the same way as Ubersuggest.

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