One-To-One Training & Advice on Basic SEO

Get an One-to-One Training on SEO via online meeting for the entire day, learning everything you need to know about SEO at your pace.


What You Can Expect From This Training

This training will be a two way communication, so just throw all the questions you want to clarify about.
Instead of spamming you with SEO theories, I will guide you on all the SEO executions on the spot.
Worth the investment
I've made several mistake along my way, took years to learn SEO the hard way, and today I'll share everything I know to you.

What You Can Learn From This SEO Training

1) What is SEO and how it works.

2) Common SEO terms you need to know

3) How to setup Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console

4) How to rank better on Google

5) How to get more backlinks

6) How to create content that Google loves

7) How to perform keyword research

8) How to make your search results look more attractive

9) How to remove toxic backlink from your website

10) How to get a higher domain authority

11) How to steal featured snippets from your competitors

12) How to setup structure data for your website

13) How to study your competitor SEO strategy

14) How to study data from Google Analytics & Search Console

15) A whole lot more...

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